- Controversial -

Driving = Freedom - In 2009 when the first successful test of self-driving technology was concluded, it was believed we would by now have self-driving automobiles.  However, opponents of self-driving have stated it may never happen.

Car Dependant Suburbia - What is a suburb and, while living there, what happens if you suddenly can't drive a car?

SARS-CoV-2 - A significant number of people 65 and older will die if they contract COVID-19 virus.

Buy Your House - Almost every day I receive soliciting phone calls, text messages as well as email and snail mail requests to buy my non-descript.

Hacker Disaster - Is Microsoft the originator of weak software that led to so much of the hacking that is now prevalent?

Password Managers - For the average person: very difficult to setup and use.  For the seasoned professional: frustrating.

What's Popular Now - What is popular in our culture? Answer; look around to see what is available.

8-billion Humans - A basic economic principle: the more of something there is, the less value it has. However, do we dare apply this economic axiom to humans?.

Mobile Cruising - How Dishearteningly Dismal - According to Google, over 80% of US internet cruisers use mobile phone devices to surf the web.

Mobile Entertainment Devices - have they enhanced our lives? What would our lives be like without them?

WORK UGH! TRAVEL HEY!!! - Vacation Travel: a relatively short limited-time costly foray to one or more distant, unusual, unfamiliar places

Do Not Disturb - This telephone firewall function on our mobile phones has many problems and is not reliable. Telephone solicitors can still get through? 

Night Watch Cops - Real Life Policing on TV - as well as Radio.

Dyslexia - Is English a phonetic language?

Lofting the Ball - Enlightened Individualist asks, "Why am I so Lofty?"

The Pecock Club - This association is a collection of people who are ordinarily viewed as eccentric, odd, or atypical.



Marriage as Usual - The Fake State of Love and Equality

Art - Is she lost?

Artist - In Her Quietness

My Wish For You - I say these words upon a star while I wonder who you are.

Single Or Marital Minded Psychology - ...a man or a woman says to his or her lover, "I want to be an equal with you."

She Who Must Be Listened To - Our dating relationship and friendship came to an abrupt but much needed end when the woman I was dating broached the issue of the possibility of a limited-time relationship.

City of Tents - A symbolic world in which villages of tents exist in a desert where women and men live alone in two separate groups divided by a straight bold bright white line.

Close With Sex - It is far easier to feel close with sex than it is to grow close with time.

Carly Simon - That's the way I've always heard it should be.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Human Marriage - A tale of a Renaissance man who could seem to never marry.

Liberated - means a balanced man-woman freedom from archaic traditions to give respect and love to others, and to constructively seek for their well-being.

Genter and Equality - Under US law, are we all equal? In the light of our traditions and beliefs, are we all equal? In human relationships, are we all equal?

I'm Destined To Be Alone  - I am so ___ angry right now. Lividness is being accompanied by Sheer Frustration. It is as if I am being torn asunder by these two ghastly curmudgeons.

Land Of Singledom  - A quite poignant iconoclastic description of a disturbing disparity between the sexes.


Handicapped - Is that a word they still use?
(A physical or mental disability - physically or mentally challanged) - Reguardless, we are all human beings.)
Is there freedom and acceptance for those who are?

Blindness and Employment - It is said that over 70% of working age people who are legally blind are living on SSI or SSDI.

Sorry, I Have Vision Loss - Should we with less than normal eyesight give-in, ignore, forgive and forget?

How Close is Too Close - Even though this fellow had limited vision, he could do the job.  But he still faced prejudice.

Living On The Line - Can he or she keep driving a car with 20/70 vision?

Flower of the Sun - The story of one man's journey from despair to love and family.

Definition of Legal Blindness - A person is considered "Legally Blind" when the best corrected visual acuity is 20/200, or the person's visual field is 20 degrees or less.

Discrimination & Blindness - This is another webpage on the subject of blindness, prejudice and discrimination. 

Deafness - People with hearing loss have difficulty getting and keeping jobs. Those who do have employment are often in jobs that are low paying or unfulfilling.


- The Media as Usual -


Is TV Really A Problem - Is television (the media) really a problem?  Is America affected in any way by it?

Hollywood - Are their standards for decency and morality indicative of national virtues.





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Why is Diesel More Expensive