My Wish For You

I say these words upon a star while I wonder who you are.


Thou art human, capable of thought, wonder, and question.


 It is from this and only this that we can find the answers that will lead us to the path of a new life here and after we pass from this life.† It is the God we've come to know from the ancient writings who has decreed that we are to think.† From here we can give to ourselves and as such give to the world.†


I have known and have known of many who have given me and others like me happiness and great joy through their talents and wisdom.† I now want to return some of me to this great pool of knowledge.


Still there lies an empty pain in my heart, put there by what reasoning I cannot understand.† Though my lips are joined with you, my sleep is not alone, and my touch fulfilled, I feel guilt knowing that you do not understand.†

  • It is traditions that dictate your misunderstanding be acceptable.†

  • Our self-imposed separateness keeps us from knowing each otherís fullness.

  • The very customs we cherish are the bricks of the wall that keeps you and me apart.

  • These differences will create a standard of life that will ultimately lead to us being alone again.†


These customs, traditions, and beliefs are the accepted norms and are believed to be necessary for blissful existence, but ultimately the contrary will result.


Little do we realize, these beliefs are heavily steeped in paganism, not Christianity as we have been lead to believe, even by the mislead Christians themselves.


It is the great artists, musicians, writers and builders who've gone unnoticed, who are the ones that have given us our very existence.† It is these people who are Godís chosen few.†


I plead with you!† Why canít we be one of the ďgreat onesĒ?† To be among the chosen, we must change our thinking, choose a direction of our own and be together in our thoughts and ideas.† If you cannot accept this idea, we will ultimately know unhappiness and the end will come, maybe not tomorrow or in our life time, but it will come.


I defy you to open your mindís eye and remove the vail of denial and see the ones who are really great.


It is through this seeing and giving of our talents where we will be lead to a truly fulfilling togetherness.