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Knowledge is wisdom and all are entitled to think and know.
A foundational path to growth and contentment is understanding.

...conceptualize ideas and clearly convey them ... from mind and heart...


Art - Is she lost?

Artist - In Her Quietness


Maker - What did you make today?

Collections - Am I a hoarder, or am I a curator of all this stuff.

Traffic Light - I have a traffic light given to me by a traffic light repairman.

Woodshop - A place to make art.

Hobbyst CNC - For the enthused hobbyist, it seems CAD, CAM, and CNC are relatively expensive.

Old Radios - Resurrection and restoration of vintage electronics.

Testing - Some useful test equipment and tools for kit building, repairing and restoring of vintage and modern electronics.

Reel-To-Reel - Various types of vintage 1940s and 1960s recorders.

Steve's Hi Fi Page - Here's a page describing my listening space and audiophile equipment.


Vintage Homes - My Old Houses


Time After Time - Steve's Clock Works

The Montgomery Clock - Industrial mechanical clock/timers made by the Montgomery Manufacturing Company, Owensville, Indiana.


Ham Radio - Momentary foray into Amateur Radio.


Techno Nerd - Is all this technological stuff really worth it?

Theater Mode - The Loss of My Fabulous Home Theater Media System.

MiniDV Tape Drive - The wanna-be tape drive that takes MiniDV/DVCam tapes: The Sony DRV-1000.

Analog Video to Digital - The Analog Video CVBS NTSC to Digital Video HDMI ATSC Conversion Controversy


Mobile Entertainment Devices - have they enhanced our lives? What would our lives be like without them?

Pre-1990s Telephone - This old guy was around in the 70s when telephone was very expensive.

Hacker Disaster - Is Microsoft the originator of weak software that led to the hacking that is now prevalent?


Pictures - Interesting photos this person...

Mamiya - An alternative to pricy German models.

Suddenly Felt Deleted - Yes, digital is instant. There is no developing, no darkroom equipment, no dangerous chemicals, and no film expense.


Dyslexia - Is English a phonetic language?


Appliances - Our homes are often graced with many comfort-making time-saving devices. How good are they?  Can we even fix them?


Controversial - Will we as a people ever get to the point where we wish to not seek information that might be seen by polite society as distasteful.


The website is not aligned with any political or religious ideology.  There is no intent to harm or belittle anyone much less cause disharmony. 

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