The Sign of a Maker

Deep within my soul is this weird drive to seek, to be an artist, to dabble in the sciences, to continue woodworking, to strive to be a machinist, to understand the depths of the psyche, to Ö

Basically being what it is I am, a conceptualizer and a maker. 

With boundless imagination, I do.

I am not a spectator. It would interest me to do rather than to watch. If I could, I would perform the show rather than see a show. I would be the captain or the crew of a ship rather than go on a cruise. If I converse, it is deeply; for Iím lost in the shallows.

I collect many things, not for their value, rather to honor those who built them. I also wish to show these things so others can learn and enjoy.

I taught myself very much; so much so that much will be lost when I leave.

My life is better now than it has ever been.

When I was gainfully employed, I was way out of the ordinary. I loved what it was I did to earn a living.

Yes, Iím not ordinary.

I have no TV. The car radio has no pre-sets. The internet is for research and for following a few makerís YouTube channels. The phone is just that, a phone. My PC is far more than a hand held device. Itís another workbench.

My avocations are not drudgery-work. they are my peace, joy and love; for again, I love all my work.

What I do:

  • I literally wrote Ė tens of thousands of poignant pages.
  • I imagine, figuratively create, conceptually envision, and physically build.
  • I love, I care, and I charitably give of my talents.
  • I feel for those who wish to learn.
  • I show what Iíve found, done, or built to enlighten others, not to boast; for this is what I wish from others.
  • I tell about what Iíve done to help others with ideas and deeds; not to brag; again, for this is what I wish from others.
  • I live far from boredom Ė I have many projects Ė enough to do for the rest of my life.
  • I think when Iím 98, I will still do what I do, even if it is only in my mind.

Once again, I say this not to brag, rather to entice and inspire others to do the same.  For you see, it's my religion.  And I believe God wants this for all of us.

This is me, a maker-soul telling you, "The idle mind is the devil's workshop."

May you taste making at least one thing today?  Be it bread, dinner, the bed; do it with happiness, peace and contentment in your heart.  The desire to learn; the joy of making; and the satisfaction of accomplishment; that's real life. 

Finally, if you must be employed, strive to find a job you love.

Peace be with you.


What did you make today?


Note. I dislike using the word "YOU" unless it is used in a non-leading question. When one uses "you" in a statement, they are being forceful and offensive. How can I tell you what you are? How can I tell you what to do? I have no right to impose my will upon you. Again, this is offensive. And, even when one uses "you" in a leading question, they are foisting _ onto you.

I use "I" statements whenever possible. If I wish to refer to an example person, I will use ďone, they, them, or those.Ē