Electronic Test Equipment and Tools


I am an amateur electrical/electronics ... tinkerer


Line-cord or Mains Isolation - This is a 4-amp variable AC power isolation transformer station and current limiter with selectable wattage.
Audio Generator - An Arduino Audio Signal Generator which includes several Sweep Functions.
TS-3A TS-5 - Feiler Electronic “STETHOSCOPE” Signal Tracers
Precision 912 - This is a late 1940s tube tester that tests almost every type of vacuum tube.
Micronta 22-025 - This is the first real volt-ohm meter I had.  
RCA WT-524A - A very expensive meter designed to test various semiconductors in or out of circuit.
Alkaline Batteries - A very disconcerting event would be to find your valued piece of teat equipment destroyed by battery corrosion.
Vintage Test Gear - these are a few of my old pieces of test equipment I've had starting in the 1970s.
Other Test Equipment - Many pieces of test equipment I have I built either from scratch or from a kit. 
Calibration - Is it necessary to keep test equipment calibrated?
Helping Hands - In all the World Wide Web, there are only two kinds. Oh but wait. There's now a third.