1968 Radio Shack Catalog



My first real volt-ohm meter circa 1967: the Radio Shack Micronta 22-025 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter.

Clarad  TK-30C

Sanwa U-50DNC

Heathkit EK-1
Education Kit #1

Prior to that, I merely had toys such as this tiny Clarad or this Sanwa a neighbor got while at some tech school. My first meter was this Heathkit EK-1. This was also my first kit which my father bought for me when I was about 12 years old. He thought because I was enamored with electrical and electronic devices, I would take an interest in the actual scientific aspect of electronics as he had in college with mechanical engineering. But unlike him, I merely played around with stuff and like most kids that age, I didnít have an aptitude for mathematical calculations and such. It would be in my later adult life when I took a real interest in electronics. Though when I was 14, I did repair appliances and radios, but I never did electronics in a design sense until the last 20 years.

Even though the Micronta 22-025 VTVM may not be up to par with a well cared for RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst, it never-the-less was and still is very good for the alignment of analog radios. I did test the meter against a known standard and it is still within specs.  Also, my RCA WV-98C which I found on eBay has had a hard life.

When I graduated from high school, I fortunately put the meter in a box where it remained until I fished it out after completing my electronics lab in the late 90s. After I unearthed it from a box of stuff, I realized that it might have batteries that may have leaked all over the inside. But, such was not the case. I must have installed a mercury battery in it Ė that still had a charge after 30 years. Like so much of my stuff from my teen years, it was always kept in a climate controlled space. I never seemed to throw stuff away.


S March 2017

Micronta 22-025 VTVM Manual.pdf