The Many and Varied


Most of my test equipment I built myself.  I have an electronics lab that is rather small, so therefore, my equipment also has to be rather compact and fit in a drawer. 


The above are mainly audio, function and reference signal generators, frequency counters of varying types, a white noise generator, and a spectrum analyzer. 


No lab is complete without a set of good testers and meters. 

Power supplies of various sizes and shapes.  These include voltage converters, buck converters, multi-tap transformers and DC power supply's.

These are for diagnosing power, data, phone, electrical and electronic wiring of all sorts,  etc..  Also included for heating and cooling are temperature sensing and airflow anemometer.

I do have regular type pieces of test equipment such as an oscilloscope, variable power supply, RF signal generator and other pieces of test gear discussed in the prior pages.  Then there's my ham gear which include watt meters, antenna analyzers, and SWR meters.