The Sewing Table

This table was specially built for my wife to accommodate my mother's old 1960s Viking Husqvarna sewing machine, which is still a wonderful machine to sew on. 

This...desk is said to be the envy of many tailors. 

There is an insert which fits around the sewing machine arm located below the needle.  The insert is easily removable to access the sewing arm where the bobbin is located. The arm is useful for sewing sleeves and blind stitching pant legs. 


Our Second Wedding Anniversary Clock

April 23rd 2004 - 2006

Constructed from mahogany, this clock is 14" wide, 18" tall & 6" deep and has no square corners; all round radiuses of varying sizes.  Unlike me, the clock will always be on time.  It has incorporated into the movement, a radio receiver that synchronizes itself to the 60 kHz WWVB atomic clock signal.


Single Sheet Plywood Desk