Morse Code Electronic Keyer

1960s DIY Code Keyer

Sometime in the mid to late 60s or maybe the early 70s, a fellow by the name of Jim Ehrlich built this electronic International Morse Code keyer.  When he sold this to me at a Dayton Hamfest in the late 80s, he said he got the plans from an amateur radio publication such as CQ magazine. 

This thing is made of a bunch of electronic components typically found in a 1960s Radio Shack catalog. The key contacts are positive clicking types - of which I have no idea were they came from. 

It employs a matrix of diodes which is connected to a number of relays and capacitors.  Its timing is determined by discharging capacitors sequenced via chained relays.  To send, it momentarily closes and opens a relay's contacts which are in turn connected to the transmitters keyer input.

Its sending speed seems to be about 10 words per minute.  It sends the International ITU Morse code of 26 letters and 10 numbers, but no punctuation.

I've tried to find the publication that describes this keyer, but to no avail.  I did find in a 1980 callbook an entry for Jim Ehrlich. 

Steve K8BSX