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A foundational path to growth and contentment is understanding.

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Art - Is she lost?

Artist - In Her Quietness

Enlightened Individualist Lofting the Ball - Why am I so Lofty

Pictures - Interesting photos this person has.

Mamiya - An alternative to pricy German models.

Old Radios - Resurrection and restoration of old time radios.

Sound on Wire - Restoration of old time recorders.

Steve`s Hi Fi Page - Here's a fellow`s page describing his listening place.

Testing - Some useful test equipment for kit building, repairing and restoring vintage and modern electronics.

The Woodshop - A guy's place to make his art.

Techno Nerd - Is all this technological digital stuff really worth it?

MiniDV Tape Drive - The wanna-be tape drive that takes MiniDV/DVCam tapes: The Sony DRV-1000.

Ham Radio - Momentary foray into Amateur Radio.

Poem - A little poetry can hurt.

My Traffic Light - This guy has a traffic light given to him by a traffic light repairman.

Night Watch Cops - Policing on TV and Radio

Diesel - Why is diesel more expensive?

Appliances - Our homes are often replete with many comfort-making time-saving devices. How good are they?  Can we even fix them?


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